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Fewer than half (41%) of college students feel well-prepared for their future careers, according to a recent McGraw-Hill survey. When asked what would have made them feel more prepared, the largest percentage of students (51%) responded with “more internships and professional experiences.”



3C is partnering with Women In Cloud to advance economic access and help youth to find adult mentors to start their tech careers.

We are developing an innovative STEM-Based Micro Internship Project for youth  to help them jump start their careers in the technology sector, foster leadership, self-confidence, and connect to professional mentors to increase their network value.


Our Micro Internship Program is run by youth for youth between the ages of 15 – 20 from all backgrounds. Students receive structured, access cloud trainings, mentoring and advice from experienced technology professionals.


A micro-internship, or six-month virtual youth internship, can help narrow the STEM internship access gap. They usually consist of 40-60 hours of high quality work, and can occur any time of year. They are highly-specific, project-based positions, often in arenas like events, research, or technology solutions. Students receive a fixed stipend of $1000 per project, and adult mentor to guide them through their internships.

HOW TO APPLY: This is an exclusive interactive experience and something you do not want to miss, so make sure to apply now!


We are looking for students (15 to 20 years old) who are interested to advance their skills, gain access to mentors and jump start their careers in technology sector. Apply Here.

Micro Internships are available year long. In 2021, we are looking to award 50 opportunities. 



  1. Interview Process: After the submission of your application, we will schedule 30 minute 1:1 interview to access the fit and interest. Once you are rewarded, you will join the collective team.

  2. Project Execution: Each project is designed for 6 to 12 weeks. The outcome of the project to establish & lead diverse team, create deliverables, and build a network of 50 people who are contributing to the project. Each project will have access to an adult mentor, access to project assets and weekly trainings.

  3. Payment & Recommendations: Once the project is delivered, you get paid and also get recommendation for college or job opportunities.




For more information and interested to sponsor internship opportunities, please contact Neal Vedullapalli at

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About Creative Children For Charity (3C):


Creative Children for charity is a foundation run by youth for youth with a mission to inspire one million kids to donate their time and talent for a social cause. To date, 3C has donated over 11 thousand volunteer hours, worked with more than 6,500 youth and supported over 17 nonprofits in the community. 

About Women In Cloud (WIC):

Women in Cloud is a community-led economic development organization taking action to generate $1B in net new global economic access for women entrepreneurs by 2030 through partnerships with corporations, community leaders, and policymakers. Women in Cloud is built on the following core values; Inclusion, Collective Action, and Economic Access to help contribute to the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. For further information visit


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