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Our programs create a tangible impact in the community.



(GWR Breaking)


We partnered with artEast and the Sammamish Y to invite the community to break a Guinness World Record by helping paint a Salmon Mural and achieve most contributions to painting by numbers.


Nothing says “Come Be a Part of This” like art does.  Art brings neighbors together and gets a collective community energy churning.



Creative Children for Charity, artEast and Sammamish YMCA believe strongly in art’s ability to build communities and raise awareness of important issues. The partnership between artEAST, Creative Children for Charity and the Sammamish YMCA aims to give youth the opportunity to envision and guide important community initiatives, and help develop engaged and committed leaders for the future. 



In 2014, thousands of Salmon Days participants created Salmon Crowns and Salmon Pictures while visiting the artEAST Art Center at Salmon Days in Issaquah. We hosted 4,000 people – and more than 600 people created paper salmon crowns.  We are excited to bring our energies together again to support the wonderful Salmon Days Festival, our community, and the important work the festival does in helping understand the importance of restoring and protecting salmon habitats.



This year we are inviting Salmon Days Participants to BREAK A GUINNESS WORLD RECORD by helping paint a Salmon Mural!   Stop by the ArtEAST Art Center at 95 Front Street North in the heart of downtown Issaquah, pick up a brush and paint with us. 



 “We are aiming to bring over 2900 people in our community to break this record and also inspire youth to take on big challenges. We are really excited to take an official attempt to break this record” said Chirag Vedullapalli, Founder of Creative Children For Charity.  


As with last year, participants also have the opportunity to decorate a paper salmon crown to prove you’re a Guinness World History Maker.



 Let’s make history, put our town on the Guinness World Map, and put art in our community.

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